Groupe Finteca

Founded in September 2003, initially named Sylvain Tremblay CA Inc, Groupe Finteca distinguishes itself by it's wish to provide professional services given by high-level senior resources to medium and large companies.

The services that Groupe Finteca offers are distributed into three main categories:

Corporate Performance Management (CPM) solution implementation support

A CPM solution consists of an integrated system with which a company is able to perform its consolidation, meet disclosure requests and build budgets and forecasts.

Under Sylvain Tremblay's, CPA, CA responsibility, we offer support services for companies that wish to implement or improve their CPM solution.

In this type of project, Groupe Finteca has the resources available to fulfill these roles:

  • Business analyst;
  • Functional analyst;
  • Project manager;

Expertise in financial reporting

Vice-president, Annie Gélinas, CPA, CA, is responsible for offering high-quality professional services for:

  • Producing financial information in peak periods;
  • Updating or improving the production process for financial information;
  • Analyzing accounting principles and their impacts on financial information.

Temporary resources

Groupe Finteca has a team of senior consultants who have a minimum of 10 years experience. Thanks to this team, we can satisfy your need for temporary resources.

We can take part in special projects or simply help in current situations in different spheres of activities:

  • Financial reporting during peak periods;
  • Support of an acting position;
  • Processes improvements;
  • Initial implementation or improvement of current information systems;
  • Business acquisitions or disposals.